Downsizing, moving, redecorating, or a death in the family can all lead to the need for our help to liquidate your estate or part of it. We specialize in antiques, fine art, jewelry, and sterling. When settling an estate containing these items, a vast knowledge is required to price and sell them correctly.
The seller needs to have access to the information and market for items that are unique and many times, one of a kind. We take great effort in researching each individual piece and then selling it in the market that we feel will bring the best selling price. Unlike most estate liquidators, we remove the items from home. They are sold at full retail, not estate sale prices, in our retail locations and directly to designers and collectors. We are paid on a commission-only basis. Moving expenses are kept to a minimum and deducted out of the sales, and our commissions are very competitive. We will take a few items or an entire household. If an immediate sale is required, we will also purchase the whole estate outright. Each client receives individualized service, depending on their particular needs. All consultations are free. We will make your transition as stress-free as possible.

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